16 Traditional Serbian Dishes That’ll Have Your Mouth Watering

Serbian dish sample

Serbia sits in the center of the Balkan peninsula, and over centuries many people crossed and settled here. This contributed to making traditional Serbian cuisine a fusion of tastes and smells. Serbian people are known for their love of food. One of the conventional phrases you’ll hear is “strength goes in through the mouth,” so …

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A Guide to All-Things Ajvar With a Homemade Recipe Included

Ajvar on the table with vegetables and spices around

Ajvar is a luxurious spread that will make you fall in love with red peppers. Pronounced eye-var, this spread is a Balkan treasure. Several countries lay claim to it, such as Bosnia, Serbia, Macedonia, and Romania.  This decadent spread goes by many names, but the Serbian version got its name from the Turkish word havyar, …

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