The Right Couscous Water Ratio

When you’re cooking couscous, the water ratio is kind of the most important question. Do it right, and you’ll get perfect fluffy results. Do it wrong, and your couscous will turn out either too dry or mushy.

Unfortunately there are a lot of different data on the internet when you try to find the answer to the right couscous water ratio.

To tell the truth, the ratio somewhat depends on the type of couscous you are using. But for most commercially available small or medium grain couscous the answer is very simple.

The Right Couscous Water ratio

If you follow my suggestions on how to cook perfect couscous, you’ll see that your couscous will turn out just perfect every time. There I advise you to use the same quantity of water as couscous.

Therefore the right ratio for couscous and water is 1:1.

It is important to note that this ratio is by volume. I also advise you to add 1 tablespoon of good quality extra virgin olive oil to every cup of couscous.

As 1 cup of small grain couscous weighs 180 grams and 1 cup of water weighs 240 grams, the weight ratio is 3:4. So practically for every 150 grams of couscous you need to use 200 grams of water.

Try this couscous water ratio, follow my instructions on how to cook couscous, and you’ll get perfect results every time!

1 cup couscous in grams

To learn more about what couscous is and how it is used around the world, I linked its Wikipedia page for more information. For couscous recipes follow my link.

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