1 Cup Jasmine Rice In Grams

Jasmine rice is a very popular rice type, also a key ingredient to making authentic fried rice. But while some recipes give you cup measurements, others use gram units. So what is the conversion between those? How many cups are there in one cup of jasmine rice? How much is 1 cup jasmine rice in grams?

Jasmine Rice Conversion Table

Use the following table to determine how much is 1 cup jasmine rice in grams.

Jasmine rice cupsAmount in grams (g)
1/8 cup25 g
1/4 cup50 g
1/3 cup67 g
3/8 cup75 g
1/2 cup100 g
5/8 cup125 g
2/3 cup133 g
3/4 cup150 g
7/8 cup175 g
1 cup200 g
2 cups400 g
3 cups600 g
4 cups800 g
5 cups1000 g
1 cup jasmine rice in grams


Please note that cups to grams conversion is never an exact science. Cups are a volume unit while grams are a weight unit. Therefore how much 1 cup of jasmine rice weighs in grams can vary depending on the way you measure it, the humidity or even the exact bag of jasmine rice.

This conversion table is for converting US cups of dry jasmine rice to grams.

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  1. Most sources on the Internet give a lower number for the weight, some much lower. I measured the weight of some white Thai Jasmine rice myself and got the same number as you when the rice is not packed: 200 grams per cup.


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